The VDI Verlag GmbH based in Düsseldorf is the leading media company for engineers as well as for technical executives. The wide spectrum of the publishing house on it´s operation fields of print, online and event offers an expansive knowledge base to support our target groups professionally within their occupation and their career advancement.

Main business segment is the weekly newspaper VDI nachrichten, which is considered to be the most important opinion-forming weekly for technological, economic and social issues. in Germany. In addition to the online pendant vdi-nachrichten.com as well as the corresponding e-paper apps and several newsletters and podcasts VDI Verlag runs the technique-and-career-news-portal ingenieur.de. The company is also known as organizer of the leading career fairs for engineers, the so called VDI nachrichten Recruiting Tage.

More than 300 VDI-Berichte and Fortschritt-Berichte VDI provide highly up-tp-date technical knowledge and latest research results. Newest dissertations on technical and research topics are published in 23 series within the Fortschritt-Berichte VDI.

Key Facts:

  • Foundation VDI Verlag: 1923
  • First edition VDI nachrichten: 1921
  • CEO VDI Verlag: Ken Fouhy
  • Chief editor VDI nachrichten: Ken Fouhy
  • Shareholder: VDI GmbH 100 %

The VDI Fachmedien GmbH & Co. KG is a 100% company share of VDI Verlag. The eleven special-interest magazines offer a considerable range of notable journals covering the topics like building, construction/production, logistics, energy and environment. Among these the journals Bauingenieur and Werkstattstechnik online contain peer reviewed articles.

Due to permanent exchange with VDI, the Fraunhofer Instituts and other well-respected research organizations the special interest magazines provide a unique and one-of-a-kind insider-know-how. Top-class authors report about innovations and give background knowledge about their special fields. They always follow a very practical approach not losing sight of the scientific settings.

Key Facts:

  • Foundaton: 1996
  • CEO: Ken Fouhy
  • Shareholder: VDI Verlag GmbH (100 %)